OppenheimerFunds offers a dynamic, demanding and exciting Summer Internship Program for undergraduates and graduate students. Our summer program places interns in all departments and office locations. If you’re accepted in the program, you’ll be exposed to the full spectrum of career opportunities in the asset management industry, and specifically those at OppenheimerFunds.

As an intern, you’ll be involved in the real work we do every day, attend Lunch & Learn presentations and take part in special projects within your functional area. You’ll also be challenged in case studies to examine the logic, strategies and implications of planning and executing the firm’s business initiatives for our customers.

When does OppenheimerFunds post upcoming internships?

  • Candidates interested in applying will be able to find our internships posted starting approximately January 1st.

Who is eligible to participate in the OppenheimerFunds 2017 Internship Program?

  • Students who are currently Juniors in the Class of 2018, including those who may graduate early in December 2017, are eligible.

What are the dates for the OppenheimerFunds 2017 Summer Internship Program?

  • Internships consist of a 10 week summer program that typically span from the first week of June until mid-August.

What departments offer Summer Internships?

  • OppenheimerFunds offers internships in most departments across the company including Marketing, Technology, Distribution, Investments, Product Management, Legal, Risk, Compliance, Finance, and Operations.

Does OppenheimerFunds offer Co-op or Winter Internships?

  • OppenheimerFunds focuses primarily on offering summer internships. Normally programs outside of the summer are not offered.

Full Time Roles: Check our currently available internships.

University Outreach

Our past recruiting efforts have included:

  • Boston University
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Columbia Engineering
  • Columbia University
  • CU Boulder General Career Fair
  • Lehigh University
  • New York University
  • Northeastern Fall Career Fair
  • Rutgers University
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • University of Washington

Student Testimonials

Previous Interns Offered Full-Time Roles at OppenheimerFunds

Bryan Dominguez

Cornell University Class of 2016
BS in Industrial and Labor Relations
Full-Time Position: HR Analyst

“The opportunity to intern at OppenheimerFunds last summer shaped my views on the way work is conducted. In school, I looked deeply into how employees work and what factors bring out successful organizations. Little did I know that I was in store for an experience that would offer me that personal exposure to what makes a good company great! I quickly found myself amazed at the high quality of work that is done here. Not only are people performing and executing at the highest level, but they are the most down to earth and humble individuals you’ll ever meet. The employees here know how to get work done while having that balanced lifestyle that many desire. Looking at an organization from the outside in, you fail to truly appreciate its culture. Within my first week, I was already collaborating with various groups and my ideas and suggestions were valued. The vast network of talent and prospect for growth here is inspirational. Within one summer, OppenheimerFunds had given me an experience of a lifetime that has now prepared me for what the future holds.”

Lucian Soro

Indiana University Class of 2016
BS in Public Affairs
Full-Time Position: Product Analyst, Equity Product Management

“OppenheimerFunds was a fantastic place to spend my summer as I gained valuable industry knowledge and expanded my network tenfold. People at all different levels and departments across the firm were always more than willing to meet to discuss their roles, provide insight, and even assist with ongoing projects. During my internship I worked on a presentation with the other interns in the department, the topic was challenging and relatively dense but I found that exploring and utilizing the resources at the firm made the process seamless. The project was pivotal for me as it made this firm my top choice to begin my career.”