OppenheimerFunds offers a dynamic, demanding, and exciting Summer Internship Program for undergraduates and graduate students. Our summer program places interns in all departments and office locations. If you’re accepted in the program, you’ll be exposed to the full spectrum of career opportunities in the asset management industry, and specifically those at OppenheimerFunds.

As an intern, you’ll be involved in the real work we do every day, attend our Senior Leadership Series, where Interns participate in weekly meetings with the firm’s Senior Executives, various Networking Opportunities, presentations, and take part in special projects within your functional area. You’ll also be challenged in case studies to examine the logic, strategies, and implications of planning and executing the firm’s business initiatives for our customers.

When does OppenheimerFunds post upcoming internships?

  • Candidates interested in applying will be able to find our internships posted starting approximately January 1st.

Who is eligible to participate in the OppenheimerFunds 2018 Internship Program?

  • Students who are currently Juniors in the Class of 2019, including those who may graduate early in December 2018, are eligible.

What are the dates for the OppenheimerFunds 2018 Summer Internship Program?

  • Internships consist of a 10 week summer program that typically span from the first week of June until mid-August.

What departments offer Summer Internships?

  • OppenheimerFunds offers internships in most departments across the company including Marketing, Technology, Distribution, Investments, Product Management, Legal, Risk, Compliance, Finance, and Operations.

Does OppenheimerFunds offer Co-op or Winter Internships?

  • OppenheimerFunds focuses primarily on offering summer internships. Normally programs outside of the summer are not offered.

Full Time Roles: Check our currently available internships.

University Outreach

Our past recruiting efforts have included:

  • Boston University
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Columbia Engineering
  • Columbia University
  • CU Boulder General Career Fair
  • Lehigh University
  • New York University
  • Northeastern Fall Career Fair
  • Pace University
  • Rutgers University
  • Seton Hall
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • University of Washington

Student Testimonials

Previous Interns Offered Full-Time Roles at OppenheimerFunds

Andrew Atkinson, Regional Advisor Consultant

Andrew Atkinson

Current Position: Regional Advisor Consultant, Distribution
Location: New York
Intern Class: Summer 2014 Intern
Hired Full-Time: July 2015
Starting Position: Division Associate, Distribution (Retail)

Tapping into Future Talent

“A company’s greatest resource is its people. The OFI internship allows young people to gain exposure to the industry and the company. OFI is a great company that people are proud to work for, and as an intern, you see that passion. There is no better way to tap into the company’s future talent than by giving eager students an opportunity to learn and grow through this excellent program.”

Words of Wisdom for the Future Internship Classes

“Try to relax. I felt that there was a lot of pressure on me and my peers to find the perfect job, the perfect fit or to just be gainfully employed. I have only been in the workforce for two years and my view on my career and future has changed dramatically since I was in college. It is important to recognize that your career path probably won’t be what you expected or planned – and that’s okay. The best thing you can do is find a good starting point and have confidence that everything will work itself out.”

Jasmine Prasetyo, Human Resources Coordinator

Jasmine Prasetyo

Full Time Position: Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources
Location: Denver
Intern: Summer 2015 Intern
Hired Full-Time: April 2017

Building a Solid Foundation

"During my summer internship at OFI, I was tasked with similar responsibilities that I have now as a full-time employee, just on a smaller scale.

During my time as an intern, I developed a good basis of understanding about OFI's recruitment process, particularly how much strategy is involved. When I then returned to OFI as a full-time hire, I felt that I had a solid foundation of understanding about how my team partners with each business line, and I was ready to dive into the details and tackle new challenges."

Realizing Passions & Strengths

"My internship at OFI helped me realize my passions and strengths and how I wanted to start my career, as well as areas where I can improve. All of these discoveries are extremely valuable for someone just beginning his or her career.

From an OFI perspective, the internship program is important because interns can provide a fresh set of eyes and new ideas on how to approach certain processes. In the fast-paced and innovative world that we live in today, internship programs are ways for companies to continue to reinvent and stay relevant in the industry."

Remie Brazee, Integrated Marketing Analyst

Remie Brazee

Full Time Position: Integrated Marketing Analyst, Marketing
Location: New York
Intern Class: Summer 2016 Intern
Hired Full-Time: June 2017

Expectations and Responsibilities

"The OFI Internship program is great because it is structured in a way that promotes growth and learning development. It helped me understand the expectations and responsibilities of firm employees, and helped me continue to grow and expand my capabilities to those of a full-time employee.

It's important to continue hosting the OFI internship program because it prepares interns for full-time employment, and also gives them the opportunity to grow and learn more about different positions in the company. It also gives OFI the opportunity to get to know the interns’ personalities and professional capabilities."

Lasting Impressions

"I enjoyed many aspects of my OFI internship, one of which was the extracurricular events. These events helped foster relationships among the interns, gave us an idea of the amazing culture at OFI and allowed opportunities to connect with full-time OppenheimerFunds employees."

Words of Wisdom for the Future Internship Classes

"Work your hardest, stay updated and informed on the industry and marketplace, and network – make connections and stay in contact with existing ones."

Zhan Gao, Associate Research Analyst

Zhan Gao

Full Time Position: Associate Research Analyst, Risk Management
Location: New York
Intern Class: Summer 2016 Intern
Hired Full-Time: January 2017

Transferable Skillset

"OFI offers interns a great environment to learn and contribute. During my internship, I got to experience a workflow that I've never before seen, solve interesting problems, learn in-depth about my day-to-day functions and gain an understanding of the overall firm.

The best part is that everything I learned was transferable. I leveraged the knowledge obtained during my internship the following semester and was able to bring new insights into the classroom. Then when I started full time, I was able to hit the ground running."

Words of Wisdom for Future Internship Classes

"The best advice I can give to interns, especially those in technical areas, is to develop your communication skills. Having the ability to articulate something complex to colleagues with varying backgrounds and experience is a vital skill.

Most of us working in technical areas speak the same 'language', so to say. However, when trying to convey a concept or idea to someone in a different group, we may fall short of being clear and comprehensive. Finding the balance between summarizing a complex item and providing enough detail to be clear is a key skill to work on. I believe that this will be a competitive advantage no matter where life takes you."